Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training for Personal and Professional Development*
Do you say yes when you mean no?
Do you avoid conflict?
Do you know how to communicate to get your needs met?
This assertiveness communication course allows participants a safe environment to learn and practice skills, including active listening, confrontation skills, conflict resolution, values collisions, negotiation and problem solving. The course consists of 10 three hour sesssions and includes a text book and work book.
This course is suitable for parents and teenagers, employers and employees, partners and for anyone working with the public. This course is recognized by the National Training Authority and may gain Recognition for Prior Learning. 

Parent Effectiveness Training

Parent Effectiveness Training is designed to give parents insights and skills needed to raise more responsible children and to foster more satisfying family relationships.

Parents gain confidence in themselves as more effective parents
Parents experience a reduction in the number of problems with their children
Parents show increased understanding of their children’s behaviour

 How to separate acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and choose the most appropriate response
How to avoid typical roadblocks to communication
How to listen so children will talk about their interests, values, future plans
How to be an effective helper to a child experiencing a problem
How to be more assertive

Core Skills
            Active listening
            Assertive statements
            6 step problem solving
            Values collisions
            How to say No

Venue - TBA
Time - 9.30-12.30pm - Saturday mornings

Free workbook and text book included.
8 x 3 hours sessions 1.30 - 4.30
22nd July, 2017

Contact Julie for other course dates
Suitable for  - Parents, step parents, future parents, grandparents, caregivers, childcare workers

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