Ego State Mapping

Ego state mapping is a powerful process which enables you to meet the different parts or aspects of you that make up your personality.  Each ego state is distinct having its own characteristics, emotion, behaviour role and work to do.  Using mapping you can begin to understand the job each part does.  Sometimes you will approve of the work they do and sometimes you will want to change their behaviour. 

Ego states have relationships with one another.  Some get along well and are happy to work together, but sometimes they are in conflict with one another.  Sometimes they cause physical sensations in the body both pleasant and unpleasant. Different parts or groups of parts will be present at different events.  Using this knowledge we can work to produce new alliances that are productive and fulfilling.  You will become more respectful of each part and value the work they do.  This is the basis of building self esteem. When we understand what the individual states do it is possible to bring out the right one for the situation we find we are facing; an assertive part to complain about poor service instead of an aggressive part; a compassionate part to comfort a friend rather than a tough part.  A part that is good at listening to feelings when we are communicating with our partner or children or loving and patient part instead of a critical one. In a crisis bring out a part that is good at solving problems.   

For those with self esteem issues, Ego State Mapping is an excellent tool for creating inner peace and building self confidence.  Resolving underlying issues and conflicts allows those ego states who want to be more self expressed to find their place and to be allowed a greater share of life.  

Using your understanding of your internal world you can: 

improve internal communication
uncover and resolve internal conflict
reveal the process of self sabotage
understand your internal rules and their source
appreciate and enjoy your parts
help you fulfil your potential
implement techniques for dealing with procrastination
settle to sleep more easily  

This knowledge will also help you to:

Change habits
Manage anger
More motivated
Have a new respect for others
Connect to life with joy and love
Gain control, or for some, become more laid back
Work more effectively and productively
Rest easily
Decrease others capacity to push your buttons
Relate with your internal world in a way that produces joy and energy
Reduce stress
Create the life you want 

Even the most benign upbringing will result in the child’s making decisions about who they are, how life is, how the world is and how safe or unsafe they are in world.  These decisions that the child states have made have affected our lives but need not define us forever.  Ego State mapping can bring a new understanding of how the past has shaped your present and increase your capacity to make better choices.  You already know those state that are positive, productive and successful.  Come to know and understand those unresolved parts of you that feel angst and cause internal turmoil or unrest. The aim of our work is change, change in attitude towards the parts to bring about change in the part’s behaviour.  Lasting sustainable change that improves the quality of lives and relationships. 

When choosing a therapist it is important to find someone that you feel comfortable with.  The therapeutic alliance is so important to achieving the things you want these become goals of therapy.  Finding someone that you can relate to, that you feel safe with is paramount in creating a therapeutic alliance so the therapist can be on your side while you do the work.  I think it is important that you feel we are a good ‘fit’ and so I am always happy to have a chat to see if you feel that I can be on your side while we do the work you want.

Ego State Mapping allows you 
To meet your ego states
To understand their role and purpose
To increase motivation by accessing the right parts
To be able to bring out the right part for the job
To find parts that can deal with difficult people
Work states, plays states
To understand and apply ego state knowledge in your workplace
To improve internal communication 

Promoting change through partnership
Achieve the changes you desire easily
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